Jessie Stansberry
Senior Vice President

Jessie Stansberry has led an impressive career as a Relationship Manager and Communications Director in her 8 years working in the financial industry.

Serving as the SVP – Investor Relations at Varsity Financial Group, Jessie plays a major role in client communications, relationship management, and marketing. Through her commitment to this role, she has helped to build internal workflows and investor communication strategies.

As a Communications Director turned SVP – Investor Relations, Jessie has developed a unique perspective when it comes to communicating effectively with investors. Influenced by her background in relationship management and growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, she serves as an important asset to this team.

She holds a bachelors degree from Rice University and was a member of the women’s soccer team. She currently resides in Coppell, TX with her husband and three young children. Jessie serves as the deacon of Other People Focused ministries at The Door Church, is on the PTO board at her son’s elementary school and drinks lots of caffeinated tea to help her multitask (with a smile).